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Canon Powershot A4000

Another must have item for any trip, vacation, or weekend away is a good camera! I love photography personally but I don’t have the patience or money to spend on the kind of equipment that the true photographers use. I’m a hobbyist, and a hobbyist who likes to do things the easy way. I usually just use my iphone, but since the trip I’m taking might be once in a lifetime for me and it will certainly be my first time out of North America, I decided to pony up a little dough and buy a camera.

It was slightly spur of the moment since I was just looking in Target because we were there, and I knew I wanted a canon camera, I didn’t want to spend more than $200 and I wanted one that had decent zoom capabilities. This fit all the criteria, plus the musts for traveling  light, it’s small, a simple and easy to carry/pack shape, and it’s easy to use!

Basically as they put it on the website, a point-and-click camera that takes very clear photo’s with little fuss. It also has an optical zoom of x8 and has 16 pixels. I had to go with the blue one because that’s all they had in the store, and I love blue, but I think I might have gone for the bright pink one if I had the option :)

The first item on my “to buy” list for this trip. It’s interesting to note travelers impressions of the same place when they are all from different areas. To the American traveler, most of Europe feels rather safe as far as fear of being harmed, but pick pocketing and stealing is a much bigger problem. Where I’m from you never even hear of pickpockets, they basically don’t exist here. (That’s not to say there are no thieves, they just usually go about it by robbing your house rather than discreetly snagging your wallet).

So the moneybelt is the practical solution, if a pickpocket can’t see it, they can’t grab it! I’m very wary of this problem, a friend of mine told us that when she went to Europe with her friends, one of them wore a fannypack thinking it would be pickpocket-proof.

Wrong! While examining a map, he looked down and noticed two hands rifling their way through his pack from behind! He didn’t feel a thing either. I am not the luckiest of travelers, things never seem to go quite smoothly for me or my family when traveling and every once in a while we have a spectacularly horrible experience. So I am preparing to the best of my ability without breaking the bank.

I’ve looked at a lot of different versions of this same thing on amazon and other online stores and I’ve come to the conclusion that the belt is the best kind for me,
and there really aren’t that many options beyond that point, haha.

I’m going for comfort for sure though, so I’m springing for the silk one.

(hopefully the click through works, last time I linked to an item in the Rick Steves store to my friend it just linked to the whole store)

Giants Causeway

At first when my travel buddy said that she wanted to visit Ireland if we were going to England, I agreed because she wanted to do it and I didn’t really have strong feelings either way. But, after looking for things to do/go see in Ireland I’ve realized that three to four days in a country I’ve never seen before is never going to be enough.

I’m not sure how far away Dublin is from this fantastic place, but it is one of the things I’d really like to see while there. Hopefully we can make it happen.

Cork, Ireland

Me and my travel buddy’s first stop in Europe this September is going to be Ireland. And although we probably won’t get to see Cork, as we are staying in Dublin and only for three nights, it’s still beautiful isn’t it?

I can’t wait to go, although I imagine our first day there is going to feel unbearably long as we fly overnight, arrive the next day and at around 9:45 AM so we will have the whooooole day before sleep, and everyone knows sleeping on a plane isn’t exactly the best way to get catch some Z’s.

Especially for me, the uber light sleeper. Oh well! I’m sure I’ll be excited enough that I won’t even be bothered by how exhausted I am. (I’m opptomistic that is….)

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